People on a mission have stories to tell!

Here you will find the tales of real people who have met Jesus and the good news he brings for us all. These are stories of struggle, searching, and significance. Come and hear what they have to say…

Our Latest Story

Worth It: The Amanda Milski Story

Dear Amanda, I hope you receive this holy Bible with all of my love. And that in yourfuture you study it, understand it, and grow to love the words and the wisdom andcompassion they will bring into your heart. Amanda

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Giving Up: A Bold Love Story

“Oh, great! Another fundraising campaign.”  That was Geovani Mejia’s initial thought when Clear Creek Community Church first announced the Bold Love campaign.  “I was very upset, annoyed, and angry,” Geo said. “I couldn’t believe they were trying to raise this

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The Dance: The Kristine Gregory Story

Kristine Gregory loves salsa dancing. A friend invited her along to a class while they were in college together. She didn’t even know how to dance, but on a whim she volunteered to be an officer during her first class.

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Beneath the Surface: The Stuart Cayer Story

“It was sort of a culmination of things in the middle of the night. My marriage. My father. My friend who had sort of betrayed me. All my addictions. My children. I don’t know exactly what it was, but I

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