Gifts of the Spirit

We believe the lists of spiritual gifts in the Bible aren’t meant to be exhaustive. However, we have compiled a list of spiritual gifts that are seen in operation at Clear Creek Community Church. 

Administration – working with and through followers toward achieving Biblical goals and organizational objectives. 

Church-planting (Also named Missionary) – the Spirit-given ability to minister cross-culturally with the goal of planting churches. 

Discernment – to distinguish between truth and error, good and evil. 

Evangelism – to act as a productive instrument of God in people coming to faith in Christ. 

Exhortation – to come along side another in need of encouragement, challenge or earnest advice. 

Faith – to trust in the power and presence of God and to act on this trust. 

Giving – to freely give for the Lord’s work. 

Hospitality – to provide an open home to those in need of food, lodging and fellowship, and a refuge to a bruised individual. 

Knowledge – to master God’s revealed truth in Scripture. 

Leadership – to set goals and to motivate others towards their accomplishment in the Body of Christ. 

Mercy – to aid the suffering or undeserving and to spare them from punishment or penalties justly deserved. 

Prophecy – to report an insight brought to the mind by the Holy Spirit to assist in ministering to others. 

Pastoring (Also named Shepherding) – to effectively guide, feed, and protect a flock of followers in Christ. 

Teaching (Also named Preaching) to cause the authoritative word of God to shine by giving detailed understanding and application of Biblical truth. 

Helps – to provide timely assistance that relieves other Christian workers for direct spiritual ministry. 

Wisdom – to apply knowledge effectively. 

Spiritual Gifts Online Assessments:

If you want to learn more about Spiritual Gifts, we recommend Discover Your God-Given Gifts by Don and Katie Fortune.


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